What a crazy past few days x.x

So I went up to Tallahassee, the capitol of Florida for those who may not know, with my government club thingy because yesterday was “Volusia Days” and plus there was just a bunch of stuff going on in the state senate like re-budgeting and re doing the boundaries :o

None the less, I got to meet  BUNCH of important people like the Attorney General for the state of Florida, the Governor, the President of the Senate (HIS OFFICE WAS EFFING HUUUUUUGE), some members of the Senate, a lobbyist, and the Lieutenant Governor! I even got an interview and I’m in the Daytona News Journal! :333 We got to hold a mock supreme court hearing IN the actual supreme court room, and we got to go on the floor in the Senate and House of Representatives. There was even an “Occupy Tallahassee” movement haha! xD I’ll upload some pictures if anyone is interested! :D

  • 16 February 2012